Cultural Empowerment Motivation

You Are Beautiful

Hush my pretty baby, I’m so sorry they don’t understand your kinky hair, dark melanin skin and thick lips.
I do believe you are beautiful in every way and I meant every word.
I wish they could embrace you like our community did.


If only you can see how unique, vibrant and strong you are.
Imagine this; you are from along line of proud and diverse people.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made from His image, hence you’re from a royal bloodline.


Did you know that the skin you have, thought being ridiculed is coveted by many ?
My child; at no point should you be judged by the colour of your skin but only by you’re character.
Never let the negativity around you dictate you’re future and never dwell on the pass.


The world is yours my sweetheart, there is endless possibilities for you.
Don’t you ever be ashamed of who you are.
Always stand up for your right and what you believe in.
Don’t ever fall a victim of this epidemic disease of self hate and prejudice
I implore you to rise up and be the great woman who were born to be.

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