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Why am I working so hard?

Why am I working so hard yet still I can’t make two ends meet?

It was the dawning of a new day, however yesterday’s misery was so overwhelming; that she couldn’t find the strength to face another dreadful day in the slum. The rooms were dark and musty with little to no prospect of light, not to mention the roaches and rats were having a daily fiesta in her apartment. the doors were half way off the hinges but she was happy that it could close. There was no running water in the pipes, the cupboard was almost empty, only a cupsoup to spare.

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The rent was due only in a few hours including the last 2 rents in the back. Such a pity the landlord didn’t  approach the repairs in that hostile manner. She turned on her air mattress to see what’s going on outside, knowing there is nothing much; but it seemed far more fascinating than her life. “Wondering when will that window be fixed so that I can finally get some sunlight in here?”. Let me try not to care so early, she thought to herself and made a deep sigh.

Why am I working so hard

Getting up seems like having an appointment with reality and now was just not the time. She thought about what else she had to eat; maybe some leftovers might be in the fridge. It’s a good thing she had no friends at work to visit her place, If only her co-workers knew she lived like this daily in a matches box , they would certainly ostracize her. Then it daunt on her, “why am I working so hard yet still I can’t make two ends meet?”.  Minimum wage is no different from working your way into poverty and their is no escape for the small man. At that moment she embraced her reality, she then got up, paint that beautiful smile on her face and went out to face the cold hard world.


    1. Yes it is, doing some adjustments to make it better. Still I’m in a better position than many, this was inspired by someone I know personally.

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