Cultural Empowerment

Who Are We

Where do we come from ?
​We come from a strong nation, that takes pride in their culture and also of a warrior, chief and empresses.
How did we get here ?
We got here because we were robbed of our culture,taken away from our families and forced to be here.

How did we survive Here ?
We survived because of our undying faith, our fighting spirit and our strong will to live.
Have we changed over the years ?
Yes we have, we have developed the ability to adapt to our harsh surroundings.

Will we ever go back to where we are from ?
Yes we will , it may not be physical but we are united all over the globe and our great stories will forever echoed throughout history.

Does getting here affect who we are as an individual ?
Yes it does, some of us are still living our lives from others and not for our self.
Who is responsible for us moving away from the horrible past ? We are my child ,we are.

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