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What’s Socially Acceptable? 

Society has impact our way of life, morals and values greatly; they have brainwashed many into what they call “Socially Acceptable”. This is telling us what is expected and should be considered normal by their standards.

Who gave them the right to say what is deemed correct or incorrect ? And who said we need them to steer us on their path ?

As a people of intellect, free will and personal opinions, it’s our God given right to exercise them. We should not feel bounded  by someone else’s truth; but instead be held accountable for what we believe in. Thus saying we should not be so wrapped up in it that we cannot see our folly.

Aren’t we all separate persons that have separate upbringing ? Life decisions is based on liberty and not privilege, hence no restriction. We should all be our own person and using our own mind. Its best to be an innovator. Challenge someone else ideas, once sufficient evidence is there to support your hypothesis. Don’t be deceive by manipulation thinking its loyalty and acceptability. 

Therefore it’s imperative to maximize the full potential of one’s thought process. Be daring, be dynamic, be  persistent in ones quest to achieve knowledge. Never let society bully you into thinking they are always right; but instead stand up for your truth.

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