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True Reflection

They say the mirror reflects the image that’s in front of it, however I tend to disbelieve that, you see the face shown in the mirror daily is one that is fabricated by that person as an illusion . If only the mirror could reflect what’s on the heart; instead of being manipulated in sending mix messages to the public. Deception is the art depict in this picture, as people only see what is placed on the surface but nothing on the base.

It is a fact that things are not always what they seems, hence ignorance to the truth and the motives for hiding the truth maybe intimidating to others; who idolize the false image. One may stand here and exudes radiant light, captivate the attention of oblivious people who may dear to be like them. On the other hand that exuberating light might just be a reflection of someone else you may not have notice.

The mirror may also be seen as a state of mind and from a figurative stand point, it’s a state of reflection, where one is able to have a one on one moment with their inner self. A careful examination of thoughts, actions and how you cope with life challenges will shed some light on reality. Reality is seen as the truth and not a masquerade of whatever the individual wishes to show.

Some people only  reflect clear signs of jealousy wrapped up with intimidation, which only increase insecurities.The way one view them self is very important to build their self esteem and self confidence. Whenever you look in the mirror make sure that you see your truth, your worth, potential and the dynamic force that’s fighting inside of you to do great things.

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