Inspirational Motivation Story

The Secret To Inner Peace

Slow and steady pulse,then the beat start picking up pace. “I cannot breathe am dying”, he said. Come my children let me share something with you before my maker takes me home.

I have lived a long and meaningless life, one that I truly regret. In my life I have introduce so much hatred and bitterness and eventually it consumed me.

All these years I have been angry at the people who loved me the most and turn my back on them because they were never up to my class. I refused to accommodate them, as I felt there presence will only make me look like an idiot. I have been helped and supported by those people despite my ways; God knows they deserve better and I swore I was all they deserved.

 I’ve come to realized that those very people made me strong and now looking back at it I’ve cause them immense pain and sadness. I wish I could really tell them am sorry but my bad behaviours over the decade had driven them far away and am way too embarrassed to call.

I want you to know that you should honour and respect your parents. The reward of such is long life and inner peace. I was a prisoner of my own demise and it was until today I see how important it was to let it go. He grasped quickly for one last breathe then passed away peacefully.

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