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The Road To Redemption Is Not Easy

I have journey from a world of uncertainty and failure to ​fight for my dreams. A dream that I have envisioned my entire life, which is to be one of the greatest person that ever lived. I have traveled many road, some were treacherous and many filled with distraction and nay Sayers.

Amidst this I still press on, onward driven to that promise land. Tears and pain were always present, it was as if they accompanied me on my journey. While going through inward battles and constant disappointment, I realized that theses struggles will never go away.

Troubles and despair are great motivation; as they can either make are break you. However, In those moments I decided to pick up myself, dust off  and  just push again despite the new challenges. I had sleepless nights, tears were very familiar with my face .

Whenever the road gets tough and I felt the need to give up; I looked how far I’ve came and remembered how I thought I would not have made it here. I tried encouraging myself by visualizing where I want to go .
I knew nothing came easy in life. I can tell you that I’ve seen the worst, gone through the worst and have survived the worst. I have travelled on the road to redemption, where I toiled harder, pushed further and with perseverance and faith I’ve made it. ​

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