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The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool.  With forgiveness one is able to obtain pardon.
See, the key is that one has to recognize the pain that comes before forgiveness and decide to move away from the hurt.

The victim in every situation can have the upper hand. Either to give the perpetrator the power by holding grudges, which may eventually consume you and turn you into an hateful person. On the other hand you can rise about it gradually and eventually learn how to let it go.

​These two options are present and it’s up to the individual if they want to live a life of hatred and torment, or they can live a peaceful and free life with no regrets of what may have been if they have let go.

Anger turns in to hatred and this enslave the mind of the victim making it hard for them to grow as an individual but forgiveness is the key to enslavement, love, self growth and development.

Whenever you are a victim of any situation just think on these things. Will I give away my power or restore my inner peace ?
Once you have learn the way how to forgive you will live a longer and more meaningful life.

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