The Heart

The love in her heart was hardly present, however small it appeared to be  intact. She had been sad for years, gave all her best to the wrong persons. Eventually they had finally taken all her joy and didn’t water her her heart, sadly brokenness has stunted her growth. No longer was she independent, got too co-dependent on someone who never needed her. She was filled with lots of love and a heart of gold, time took a toll on her and made her cold. Such a lovely soul she was but she always hid her scars.

Years went by and she kept the pain of the past as a hindrance to the bright future she wish she had. Many man came with tales of healing and restoration, however they only left regrets and heartache. Looking at herself she hardly remembered who she was and how she allowed herself to get here. She walked with her head held high but her heart sunk deeper than Atlantis. A few good men came along, however none was trusted to repair her broken heart. She had so much to offer but only a few really realized it. Her values are like no other; she was self made and though down, she was never out.

Those wounds had long damaged most of her self-esteem and her faith was the only thing keeping her alive. She was left with no other choice than to save herself, after all who could heal a wound that’s not visible to them. After  doing some self searching, she discovered she had the power to change her situation. She started disassociating herself from her pain by working through them and building herself.  While looking at her growth and changes, she began to realize that she had recovered her joy. The sweet aroma of self love came swooping into her life once more, now she  started to blossom and her fruits began to bear once again. The fruits of love, acceptance,independence and a new found appreciation for life had made whole again. Her future seems bright, faith had been restored and her heart is open to love again.

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