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The enslaved song

Looking over the majestic  hills, I  saw the beautiful master piece of mother nature in all her

glory. My vision tunneled down to a river where the water flowed freely, no one or nothing  held it back. This was the freedom my people long for all their lives, to escape from the mountains as a strong and free people with no restrictions.  Free to roam while their presence mystified the air giving a calm aura that told the world we ought to be one. The tall trees and lush vegetation reminded me of our pride, our heritage and way of life. We all strive to be  at peace within ourselves and with others.

The wide open land, fresh crisp air surrounded everyone, it was like the presence of our ancestors when they fought for our freedom. The trickling of the water from the rocks was a constant reminder of those who died to get their freedom.  The sound of the wind rushing down the countryside was synonymous with the songs of hope in our hearts. No man left behind was what we lived by; then we’d journeyed together to the other side. At one point  giving up was the only option but the fight inside some of us refused to die.

As the desert sat there bare and dry so was the dreams of many who lost hope for the cause. The battle was long and never ending , every time we hit a milestone we fell behind. Many of the strong succumbed to pressure, nothing worst than the ones who are alive but died inside. It’s true that only a few would survived,  yet we who remained still tolled hopefully all night. No matter how the wind blew fiercely and knocked us to the ground we still got up. It was our destiny to finish this long grueling battle once and for all. As the mountains stood up tall and fearless in the midst of disaster, so should we stand together join our hands, hearts and our struggles.



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