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The Book of Hearts


Sadly I left the book of my heart in a dark cold place, wanting someone to find it but scared in the same breath. The pages are partially intact and most things are visible to the one who dare found it. This book contain my hopes, dreams and the keys to release me; nothing out of the ordinary. The chapters are a filled with clues and codes, only legible to that special person whose gift is unravelling the mysteries of the heart.

It was wrapped up tightly and disguised to divert devious readers. To some who dared discovering it, it’s a book filled with blank pages and mindless junk. Some readers misunderstood this book based on the covers or the large content. Never once had some tried reading the blurb.”This is too much information, not worth my time; plus it’s only a book some said,” with no knowledge of how enlightening it will be.

This book had gathered dust as it sat in this dark corner, seemed like none appreciated the beauty of such fine art. The effort, time and patience placed is this book is incomparable to none. The characters,settings and climax are breathtaking,If only they knew the words of each chapter came alive when read by an enthusiastic reader.

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