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Tell It Like It Is

Smiling constantly to hide the emptiness within, it feels like am living a double life. Sometimes I wonder, am I lying to myself? Or am I just trying to be the strong individual that everyone expected me to be?

Aren’t we all liars in so many ways? I’m sure we’ve pretended and put on that gorgeous smile when we know we are dying inside. Isn’t it strange we go through such great length to paint this superficial picture just to please the likes of someone else?
Why do we care some much of what other’s think, when our opinion is the one that truly matters the most? Shouldn’t we have the guts to say screw you, this is my life who gives a damn what you think?

No longer will I try to subject to the hypocrisy of this society. I’m going to let myself loose, say what I feel and do what I feel. I will do what’s best for me and not allow fools to cloud my judgment.
I am a strong woman with unlimited talents, and I will get myself where I need to be and rise to the occasion.

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