Small Gestures Means Alot In A Relationship

As Tommy stepped in the kitchen he knew that Greta was going to argue about the dirty dishes he left earlier this morning, so he was prepared for it. “Tommy, I can’t believe you did this again after we spoke about this last week, how could you ?” said Greta.

Tommy took a deep sigh and gently apologize for his forgetfulness; but Greta was already infuriated and stepped out in rage, while her face turned red.

Angry Wife- Moments Of The Heart

Tommy chuckled a bit quietly, because he knew that Greta won’t be mad all night. He then slipped away to the porch swing where Greta was mumbling to herself. “Greta, i am really sorry, hope you accept my apologies once again,” said Tommy in a soft pale voice. Greta gazed away with a little smirk on her face but she wasn’t really that mad but wanted to make him feel guilty and it worked.
Tommy took out a little  chocolate he had in his pocket and said “for you my dear”, this time Greta was smiling widely as he rubbed her head, as if he’s saying that’s my girl. They sat together rocking and gazing at the stars; at that moment Tommy hugged Greta and brushes her hair behind her ears as the night was windy.

Lets Talk- Moments Of The Heart

In that moment of complete silence and tranquility, Greta noticed she started smiling. Tommy was just curious and asked “What are you all smiling  about ? ” Greta stared at him with in love in her eyes and said “you my dear, just to know that i have you around to comfort me makes it all better.” Tommy leaned over slightly on her chest while Greta started to stroke him and started humming her favourite  song.   

She was in the mood for a romantic night, Tommy eventually catch on. He went his for the old stereo and started playing some soul music. He waltz over to Greta on the swing and held out his  right hand to signal her for a dance and she gladly obliged.

He drew her in tenderly, while holding on to her waist and the other hand holding her hand. The silver moon started to shine down on the porch as if it was an audience watching both lovers. 

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