Empowerment Inspirational

Silent Weapon

Silence is such an incredible tool. It speaks a lot about an individual feelings and thought process.
Silence is a time of contemplating about the future or the past.

Silence sometimes mean peace and tranquility but don’t be fooled, it also signifies the beginning of chaos and despair.

Silence is a way of saying, it’s over now and I am no longer bothered by your foolishness. Silence is also a defense mechanism; it helps the individual to cope with stress related factors easier. Silence is also the loudest cry for help, understanding and acceptance.


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Silence maybe seen as a way of rebelling against injustice, nonetheless very effective. Silence is golden and therefore should be treated special.
Silence in the midst of an adversity sometimes put fear in your adversaries. Silence demands respect, honesty and should never be taken for granted.

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