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Silent Tears

Tears are an unspoken language only few can understand.

 This language is one that is innate to the sad and broken-hearted mostly, it speaks to the person with past and current experience. Tears show that you’ve had enough and you’re  now at your breaking point. Tears confirm it is finish and this is the finally goodbye, no more struggles and disagreement.

Tears are just other ways to say I’m angry, sad and disappointed. It also signifies that you need to break free from something or someone. Memories whether good or bad evoke tears, which tells that you have some emotional attachment to whatever memory that is provoke in your mind. The heart and the mind are the two main initiator of such emotional statements.

Tears mean something entirely different to another set of people, which is more of a positive spin. It’s a way to say I’ve completed my mission and proud of myself. Tears are just  signs of relief. Tears shows one have pass the hurt and pain that became cumbersome, hence you are now free. Tears mean you have accomplish total happiness  with others as well as yourself.

Tears also mean you have surrender to you current situation and you’re  willing to allow it to build you up or tear you down. It’s also a state of mind  that represents the core feeling that may not be so easily identify by the individual. These tears are unique, as it greatly impacts the individual unknowingly and may  cause an emotional melt down.  For  every tear that you cry in any situation, make it be one that  interprets your actual emotions. The interpretation of your tears is what makes you special.

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