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Silent killer

A room filled with people in almost every corner, laughing talking and drinking; all seemed to be well .

The air was musty, it would have appeared very little cleaning was done there and it was perfectly fine to the rest. The carpets were worn out severely, the windows were foggy to a point where it was almost opaque. Party cups were  in ever crevice; it was like they were apart of the furniture.

In a tiny corner she sat by herself, no one noticed that she was very  present but not there. While they were gyrating and heavily intoxicated she was just there taking up space. He was not able to find the joy in such meaningless expression. Slowly he drifted off to his secret world hoping there was still some remnant of happiness. With nothing left to gain and everything  lost; he just went with the tide.

To be in a room filled with people and still quite lonely is no joke, it’s like all his dreams and aspirations were up in smoke. Depression is like a horrible disease, which robs you of your joy and left a feeling of defeat. It will stop at nothing until it leaves you dead, for many the pressure was so great it caused them to put a bullet to their heads. Depression eats away at anyone, it has no face, colour or ethnicity. This is a huge problem faced in every community.

It’s imperative to provide additional support to our strongest links. Get to understand them, check on their well-being regardless of what others think. Knowing that humans are fragile and we all need a shoulder to lean on, no one was created to be alone in this world. 

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