Empowerment Motivation Story

Searching For Love…. Are You?

I deserve to be loved without conditions or fear.
I must be loved because I’m human and it’s natural to desire romantic feelings for each other.
I should be loved because love heals most broken hearts and to be frank, I’m  broken with little trust for anyone and love will make it right.

I could be loved if someone took the time out to open their heart to me.
I want to be loved so badly, but sadly I don’t know how to love. It’s strange that I crave something I cannot give. It maybe that love has abandoned  some people and only visited a selected few.

How do I go about finding something I’ve never known or experienced ? I refused to believe love is lost and I’m a hopeless dreamer. I have to be fulfill this once in a lifetime moment where everything around me is dead and my feelings become so much alive.

I wish love came knocking at my door gracefully , asking me for a chance to make me whole. I would have gladly opened the door and allowed it all to flood in. I believe this scared feeling should be kept burning bright. No water, wind or anyone else would be able to stop that ever burning flame.


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