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Rare Gem

A diamond is a precious stone and it’s value is far beyond our imagination. A diamond starts out as a mere little stone, one that many will often ignore and even throw away.



The thing is that a miner knows the value of this precious stone and is able to identify it in its unprocessed stage.
The beauty of the diamond is it not easily identify by the common man. The common man will never understand the value; nor will they see the beauty of it now.

Growing up can be a pain sometimes, the comparison of one child to the next and highlighting the appearance of one child.
While disregarding the other child feelings, trampling their self-esteem to build only on the one you think is worthy of your adoration.

The child that you may have as “The one,” and will believe in their dreams and aspiration however,Bear in mind that the other child have potential just the same; and need a mentor to discover that that are precious and willing to work with them to discover their value.

That child maybe refer to as that rare diamond that is often overlook and view as trivial. The point is beauty reside in people that one least expect or even imagine. Your definition of beauty maybe different or not like the rest, but be the like the miner who discover beauty in a stone and is able to preserve and adore it in its natural state.

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