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Price of Fame

The iconic smile hid a deep dark secret about her life that many had coveted; but can only imagined what’s it like to be her.

The material things were so attractive to many unknowing women, that they could only see the facade she displayed.  She would always look ravishing and everything seem to be in place ; the way she walks epitomize style and grace. No stranger to the spotlight; for her appearance was always accompanied with cheers, all the women thought she was the luckiest woman in the room. Whenever she spoke it was like the queens language, impeccable and her demeanour is one of elegance.  She has this firm sweet voice which captivates all her fans, they were so rhapsodize that they literally eat from her hands. Her speech was like silence , it was just golden but her life was nothing grand.

The love of money  and fame instigates her greed, nothing to her than the being the main woman in the lead. She will sacrifice her pride and dignity to be with a man who shows no respect to her and  mostly show her the back of his left hand.  See those eyes bloodshot ? it’s from last nights beating because he was vex, the marks on her back was from the “role play” before sex. He constantly reminds her why he had her there, that was his strength to inflict the uttermost fear. Never once did she ever cried or spoke about this, she was just focus on her dollars that seems legit. Day by day she decorated her face, went about her business once she was in his good grace. No strings attached, no intimacy between the two, never once did either said I love you.

No stranger to pain she is, nothing out of the ordinary. Abused and hurt was present in the story of her past, nothing worth having came easy but this money came real fast. I wondered how soon will she wise up, it can’t be that she haven’t had a full cup. Its’s not normal at all to be a man’s punching bag, if that’s the case I rather go from riches to rags.  Why put one self in a position to cause psychological wounds ? , it’s not necessary at all. Let go off the things that are hurting you then healing can begin, unleash your inhibitions and be free within. Be patient; work hard and eventually you will earn, not just a brief moment but actually your turn.

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