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The power of the magnificent ocean

Watching the waves splashing against the stone is truly inspiring to me.

Just the serene feeling you get while the waves violently strike the rocks yet gently slide off after such impact. It reminds me so much of the challenges that hit us, yet we stay firm and it slide off our back gently. It’s like watching a chapter in your life replaying and highlighting how resilient we are as humans. Many may look at the challenges as something oppressing, but without these waves the rocks will not have come together and hold their places.

The ocean holds many secrets and treasures of those who succumb to it’s spasmodic nature, while venturing into the deep unknown. The ocean is very captivating because it has the ability to lure many in with its beauty. In this instant, the ocean could refer to the destructive people that will come in your life. These people will earn your trust, deceive you and rob you of your peace of mind when they reveal their true selves. Beauty is merely an outward concept which sometimes distract you from people character and true intentions.

The ocean tide rises and falls based on the gravitational forces coming from the moon and moon rotating the earth. This results into high and low tide, where the water rises above and falls below sea level. The gravitational forces from the sun and moon may be synonymous with the positive and negative people we affiliate with. Those people have the ability to impact our lives in so many ways. They will either tear you down in the process, while on the other hand they may build you up. One should always appreciate the waves ability to build strength, understand the water nature so you won’t be deceive. Lastly maintain gravitational forces that coincides with positivity.

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