Empowerment Motivation

Point Of Meditation

Close your eyes slowly, slip into your quiet place while blocking out all the distraction around you. Feel  the positive energy around forming cohesively, relax your entire body.

Inhale and exhale to the rhythm of your body and let the wind gently massage your hair as it skips across your face.

Dig deep down inside, search diligently for your happy place. Feel the music all around you; open your heart to peace and serenity that is readily embracing you. Listen to natures music; feel the rhythm coursing through your veins as it hit  each melodic chord.

Let your body mind be free from all animosity and fear, just open yourself to positive changes. Feel the vibrations all around you; the ones that are calling out your name. Lift up your head gently and start to visualize you’re future. Apply faith to the images  resounding in your mind, speak that thought into being. Believe in your dreams, find the road to achieve them and then approach it full speed ahead.

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