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Naked Perception

To him she was naked as she was not clad in any garments.

He was intrigued by her body, her curves, firm breast, protrude buttocks. Her firm arms, perfect thighs, a belly that accentuate her curves and he just wanted to ravish her. He was bold and already laid her down, though he may have seen what was under her dress; he was clueless to what’s beyond penetration.

To her she was fully clothed and he was reluctant to see her truly naked in all her vulnerabilities, strengths, triumphs, failures, unheard battles and mostly her heart. He held her tight as he was in the midst of intercourse; however she was very disconnected from it. She only felt the tight grip of sexual pleasure but none for her soul or mind.

He glided his hands over her every curves while caressing her gently, as the moments heated up. It was perfectly normal for him to display his feelings while being engaged in sexual activities. Yet those displays didn’t cater to her being loved or wanted. She was only wanted for the moment to provide an orgasmic experience.

After coitus, she was just as lost, confused and still craved genuine love. He was satisfied and in no time smiled and left. His mission was accomplished, targets met and goals reached for him only. She was left staring in the ceiling thinking about what transpired, yet found no pleasure in it. She carefully tried to pick up the additional broken pieces of her heart, hoping she won’t have to face the harsh reality alone.

It was then she knew she was still lonely, yearning to be loved and appreciated. She was left with the after effects of being special for a particular occasion and not for a lifetime. She cried inside to alleviate the emotional pain she was left with, for to be wanted only when someone required gratification is nothing one should be happy about.

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