Cultural Empowerment Motivation

More Than A Lady

Please wait am not through yet, there is something else I want get of my chest. Something that has been bothering me severely,

that my food I can hardly digest. It may have took a bit longer that I expected but it had to be said. I am more than a lady in my own right, however I have put up with you and your insecurities and now it’s getting to my head. Just sit here quietly and listen to all I have to say and don’t utter a word of your constant madness, please just not today.

I have lived a bitter life that mirrors discomfort and fear and quite frankly am really fed up and about to get out of here. You see when you look at me grinning with those eyes of lust, I feel so objectify, naked and wonder if u must. Can I not come here for peace and serenity for a day or two ? without feeling like a piece of meat that you have to get a bite off too. I’m not the one to play with; trust me not in that pack, just don’t go badgering me; i really hate to be attack.

Please let me go about my own little business freely and I would really love it more if you don’t see me. I just want come here and fellowship with the others as friends, cause your constant tricks of being polite and sweet has come to an end. Let other people with clear conscience and no ulterior motive engage me. When you feel you have reach that goal mentally, I will reconsider your presence certainly. I am a woman of class, value and integrity and will not get mix with anyone of such to lose my dignity. Just spear me the drama of your sexual weakness and don’t make me a treasure in your little conquest.

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