Empowerment Inspirational Motivation Story

Midnight restlessness

The clock strikes midnight, the air was musty and the room in complete darkness.

the wind kept rustling through the trees making an eerie sound. I tried closing my eyes to cut out the darkness that surrounded me, it was one of those intense night. A concern yet calm felling took over me as I sat in bed forcing sleep to overcome me. Still I waited impatiently while my eyes burning severely crying out for sleep. The body yearned for rest badly but the mind refused to be at peace. I sat there so long that I got accustomed to the darkness and the sound

The night was long and dreary, it was as if the morning would never come. The sounds of crickets intensified with the occasional loud barking of neighbourhood dogs. Yet those  sounds on other nights would have been blocked out due to tiredness. This sleepy feeling was like no other, it seemed as though reality had interrupting my ability to drift off peacefully. Nothing prepared me for the battle between the mind and the body. It’s like they had a serious dispute and neither would take responsibility. 

The feeling of being alone with your thoughts and self had made me realized, that life was too short to be worried about trivial matters. No one has all the answers and no one can always  get it right. As I started looking through the window, I realized dawn was breaking and I still haven’t slept yet. In that moment I closed my eyes, visualized something beautiful and  slowly while the images played in my head I felt myself drifting off. In that moment of time all that I’ve experienced came back to mind, then I gently smile, turn slightly on my side and was whisked away into deep sleep.

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