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Lost Love

Here we go again, someone has to take the blame but certainly not you. Seems like I’m always the bad guy, funny enough I’m the only one getting hurt. How could the culprit be the one suffering  from a broken heart ?  I believe  you have it all wrong in your mind, let me educate you on how it is. I’m no fool for love, once it’s gone am out the door, why sit and wait for something that will never happen again ? It’s easy to say I Love You but not many can show it, no use saying something you don’t mean to get the attention of another. Only a fool begs for something that the heart never desire.


The fact of the matter is if a door is close it makes no sense trying to get in. I rather be a stranger outside than an intruder inside. I believe no one should be hostage to the love of another without this love being reciprocal. Love was never meant to  be a one way street, nor should it be forced or misconstrued by anyone.  Imagine sharing your favourite meal with someone who  doesn’t share the same sentiments about that meal ? It would be like giving someone something that they will never appreciate. No one wants to be alone, however no one wants to be stuck where they are unhappy.


Love is not about sacrifice and comprise and not complacency. It’s a fact that after a period of time most people get so accustom to you, they just don’t see the need to add a little sparkle every now and then. Life  challenges are too serious to be wasting time loving the wrong person; when there’s someone else offering much more happiness. It is only wise to safe guard your heart, remove all the unwanted feelings and move on with your life.  Time waits on no man, so it’s best to use this time to put you first. Focus on your dreams and work towards them. Let love find you instead of looking for it. I dare you to let go of the people and things that are hurting you and move on.



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