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Life Lessons

The time spent in solitude has taught me to enjoy my personal space. I have accepted that not everyone that smile with me is my friend, and that most people real emotion are not visible on their faces. The time I spend among friends and family had taught me so much about our coexistence as humans. Frankly speaking, no man is an island.

The moments spent reflecting on life has taught me to denounce fear, take some chances and most importantly follow your dreams even when no one else seem to believe in them. In those pensive moment I realized that life is not about having only regrets instead it’s also about celebrating the joyous memories and achievements.

Over the years life has taught me to love and appreciate my individuality. A person is not only center around their sexual organ, however humans are characterized by their unwavering strength and dedication to others. Some humans are believed to carry to weight of the world on her shoulders and nonetheless very functional. As humans we are able to express love in a room full of hate, promote peace despite living in  war zones, give generously while existing in this unkind world.

Lastly, life has taught me to be myself despite who think I’m not fit to be there. I have grown to accept criticism to a point where I can use them as motivation. Many times I poured out my heart to others even when no one else will, however my appreciation came from those who have traverse on similar journey.

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