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Just Breathe

A breath of fresh air is all we need sometimes, to clear our minds and to think clearly. Knowing that problems are only a test of faith designed to make us stronger, however some people fall victims of their circumstances and break under intense pressure.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like giving up, but on the other hand its very beneficial to keep on fighting to the end. Giving up doesn’t always stop the pain most of the time, instead it cause more challenges to the individual than expected.

There is no perfect world or perfect people in it and we just have to accept that. Trusting and pushing forward with a firm belief; that there  is a greater reward at the end of it all. Besides nothing last forever except salvation, so these problems are only seasonal.

The aim is to rise up and take charge when you feel like doing nothing at all. Initiate a positive step towards recovery without doubt or fear. Press on steadfastly, let God work within you during that process.
Be open-minded with your request because what you ask for may appear different when you receive it, but its actually what you need. So just breath and move forward.

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