Inspirational Motivation

Its Just Human Nature

The things we treasure and give our attention to are vanities. We were made with a conscience to differentiate good from evil, yet kind words, thoughts and actions are difficult for us to conceive.
People spend so much time and energy to ruin others, and another downfall is like music to their ears. We take one’s pain and made it our entertainment , never considering how that person might have felt. And we never take the time to console them or help them when they are down, yet we say to others ,”we are friends”.

But friends don’t hurt you or see you hurting and never attempt to alleviate your pain. A true friend would pick you up when you’re down, they’ll say I know you are hurting and I cannot comprehend the magnitude of your pain but here’s my shoulder, just lean on me. To a real friend, silence and tears speaks volume. They can actually share your pain and even your every mistake are not judged or ridiculed.

I can definitely say without a doubt that I have done my shares of wrongs but never have my friends questioned my loyalty. I’ve given the best I had and I’ve stood strong and carried them through, even when am weak I put on my classic smile and maintain the burden and in the midst of that ordeal I found my strength through my weakness, It’s just human nature.

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