Cultural Empowerment Motivation

Inside Out

The spirit one possesses is what determines who we are and how we will impact the world. A man with a positive spirit, will be encouraged to fight and not give up and will be known as a fighter. A man with a negative spirit that encouraged violence will be known as a violent man.

The ears and the eyes works directly with your spirit. In the sense that whatever you see or hear will automatically linger in your mind , hence some of that may reflect through your actions.

On the other hand spirits are also transferable. The spirits that human posses may not be tied only to one individual; but once having direct emotional contact or a direct contact it may be transferred  to you once you are opened to it.

It’s hard to tell sometimes what spirit some people harbour in their lives. constant prayer and supplication with a keen sense of your surround will help one to better judge the company they allow in their lives.

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