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Immaculate conception

I’m Pregnant for sure, no doubt about that. Pregnant with possibilities and expecting greatness. I’ve met destiny a few years ago; we have been going out. We had some ups and downs but amidst that we were able to compromised and continued our relationship. When I first met destiny I disrespected him several times, however he was patient with me and still tried to reach me. My insecurities had made me a difficult person, nonetheless he stood by me through it all. When life broke my heart, he was there comforting me through my many sleepless nights.

I would get so mad at life for manipulating me the way he did, I always ran to destiny to  share my feelings. Destiny always welcomed me with open arms and never condemned me based on the mistakes I’ve made. Life’s tricks always had a way of convincing me that it’s a mistake and I  never once questioned it . Yes we do have our few good days, memorable to be exact. Still I hung on to life’s few good times, then suffered being deserted and sad for the other times. One minute of pleasure surely cannot sufficed my 23 hours of pain.

This time life had wound me so deep that I took a break, while on the break i expressed my disappointment with destiny. We talked at length, shared  personal experiences and found out we had something in common. Destiny was gaining my trust, I allowed him to get close to me and he made use of his opportunity, he had won my heart by being himself. He waited till the time was right; then he gently started stimulating my mind, caressing my heart and made love to my soul. Now I’m in my first trimester and he’s supporting me in every-way. I knew from here out it won’t be an easy task.  Excitedly I waited for the growth and development of my birth of success .


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