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Higher Calling

I now look to God seeking a higher calling, the things of the world and it worldly pleasures I now find appalling. I’m on a mission to grow in God, as I walk in to my purpose not fearing any adversary; not the least bit nervous.

I have learn the art of war and frankly im not afraid of having a scar. No longer afraid of the pestilence at night, just the thought of them and I prepare for the fight. Long pass the stage of surrendering, now I’m seeking God’s help first as my main defender.

The word of God and his wisdom bestow unto me, is now all I need be all he’ll have me be. I’m now stronger as you can see, because with God on my side you’re not dealing with me. I now have my only protector leading and guiding my every move, to be honest I’m really loving this new groove.

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