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Fatherless Child

I stand today with my heart on my sleeve, trying to cope with how and why did you leave me. I was nothing but a sweet  innocent child and my actions were nothing crazy or wild. Did my presence questioned your ability as a man  or could it be that you were never one, if so I can understand. Couldn’t you have waited  longer and stick to the plan ?  I’m sure my mother wouldn’t mind giving you a hand . Take a look at me and then a look at yourself, I’m the splitting image of you in a a nutshell. It’s like you never care what I’d turn out to be; it hurts so much that you didn’t want to see me.  I wish you know what It’s like growing up without you, my mother was present but could not suffice for two.

Fatherless Child

I’ve spend many sleepless nights hoping and praying for you to come back, your’e absent was a nightmare with severe impact. All through my junior I hated father’s day,  beats me to know you were absent all the way.  Not even a letter or a post to say happy birthday, wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to say . It wouldn’t cost you a lot to make me happy, however it may have been easier I guess to be crappy. I never expect that you would be perfect; but at least  try to come, sit  and  state our concerns  direct.  If you had done that it would have been easier to cope, instead you  left me here to travel along a slippery slope.

Your absence caused more harm than good, quite frankly i didn’t want to share that but I think I should. Stop for a minute; think of what we could have been , all my anxiety would have gone with the wind. It was never fair for you to  disappear leaving my mother with the burden to take full care. I’m no longer a child we are both adults here, it can’t be so hard to be sincere. There are a few obstacle in my way that I can’t reach and they are your lessons to teach. I have finally find it in my heart to forgive your actions, praying you may now live up to my satisfaction.

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