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Fatal Attraction

There is a deadly attraction between what we want and what we are suppose to have. You see as humans we are drawn to pretty desirable things,people and places, which only prove we are  slaves to our desire for the things we dare to have but never dream of working towards.

Our perception of life and whats more important had been tainted with misconception; which results into greed and lust. Greed and lust works hand in hand , the end results are always detrimental to individuals who maybe so engulf with these emotions that may lead them to self-destruct along the way.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions,sounds questionable but in fact is true. the things people are willing to sell their souls for, lose their dignity and their character for are trivial; they are only pleasing to the eyes and the heart for a brief moment, but never substantial to satisfy ones need for a lifetime.

It is perfectly fine to have ambition and desires, however it’s also better not to allow those things to control your life and manipulate you to an extent where you are now a prisoner to them. Live your life to the fullest, satisfy your needs and there will be little room for impulsive behaviour or actions that will steer you down a destructive path.

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