Inspirational Motivation


Close your eyes try to fall asleep, hoping you wont feel it and see it but it’s very much alive and well in your subconscious and conscious as well.
Try counting to ten or counting sheep , don’t move a muscle, hold your breath and be extremely quiet. Cover your eyes, try reading a book or watch TV and it’s still there.

How could it be that you’ve tried everything to distract yourself from your surroundings,  but this emotion still resides deep inside and it almost never takes a break.
Could it be that you just don’t know how to disguise it or its just something that  is innate ?

I can tell you that is very real and frightening. It taunts you day or night. This emotion gives many sleepless nights, worries about the future and makes one stagnant in the present. This emotion can be seen as a cancerous disease as it feeds on you in every way and leaves you with nothing at all and that’s FEAR.

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