Empowerment Inspirational Story

Everyone Has A Purpose In Life

He stood upon the hill and cursed the day he was born. Not knowing his purpose in life and knowing that nothing comes easy. He often scratch his head and asked  God why was he forsaken and why nothing never seem to go right.

Moments Of The Heart

His heavenly father replied, “I will never leave you or forsake you. It is I that have created the fire and even though you have been burnt it was a method of purification to turn you  into pure gold”.

He was somewhat flabbergasted and asked “why couldn’t I go through  the fire without being burnt?”. That’s when his heavenly father replied and said, “In order for the gold to be processed,  it has to feel some amount of burn even though it’s a rigorous phase, but it will work out for your own good.”

Transformation, Moments Of The Heart

Once again he got mad and said “I  never wanted to be gold just wanted to an average guy.”

The heavenly father replied ” my son, I have no average child, you were all made in  my own image.”

He was confused and ask, “how are we in your own image and we all look different? “

The heavenly father replied, ” I have made man to be unique, dynamic, resilient  and strong. Despite the obvious difference in face and body you were all design to be great and that’s the image I portrait.”

Moments Of The Heart

He got even more confused and screamed, “if I’m so special why am I restricted?” Then the heavenly father replied ” men were given the option to choose, free will always existed. You are only restricted by your conscience.”

 With nothing else left to say he realized the purpose of life and how to live by morals. He finally realized things were only going wrong because he had the wrong concept of what’s right from wrong. In life we may not see the reason for our challenges and failures but God has a master plan to reward us greatly,  once you are able to endure the fire and even little burn.

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