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Don’t Turn Back

Full speed ahead , don’t even look back. Because looking back means you have accepted the hurt,  abuse and pain of the past. Haven’t you endured enough as it it ?
There is no point in going back to where you use to be because there is too much at stake and what could you have possibly gain for going back ?

Can’t you see that things have changed drastically since you started going forward ?

Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted ? A life of happiness and inner peace .
How can you not see that the past has destroyed your life severely ?
Could it be that you’re not receptive to changes,  because changes can be good sometimes.

​What would you say if I told you that it’s normally to feel fearful at the beginning ?
It’s  perfectly normal, but on the other hand you have to know what you need and go for it.
No more reminiscing on the past but instead press forward into the future and don’t ever once turn back or look back at “what was’ because “what is” is  only a second away.

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