Cultural Empowerment Motivation Story

Divine Encounter

He entered the room and threw all females off guard, his skin appeared to be dripping melanin and sugar. His eyes was bright and I definitely saw my future there, oh my his cologne was gently seducing my nostrils while leaving butterfly kisses. This man was mystery, so we’ll put together in his suit. He had a face that reminds me of great warriors, strong cheekbone and smile that brightened any dark room. I then went over to introduced myself as he had captured my attention. 

The words coming from his mouth was like that of precious gold. His voice was somewhat stern as a man ought to be but covered with gentleness. I sat there listening to his speech, I honestly didn’t got all of it was too rhapsodized. As he spoke more words I couldn’t help but admired his pretty teeth, every dentist idea of perfect teeth. The more I looked at him, I found myself getting lost in another world; where my dreams became instant reality. As the conversation got deeper, he started making some gesticulation. Oh how I loved his freshly manicure fingers, each time he tried making a key point his fingers became alive in an artistic way.

This time I was completely lost for words and just sat there with my eyes open, completely attentive. For a while he smiled and seemed to be waiting on something. In that moment I snapped out of it and realized he was saying goodbye and was awaiting a handshake. We shook hands and smiled with each other. He then opened his arms for a hug, which I happily obliged. His body was warm and gave me a homely feeling. I found it hard to let go, my head was at his chest and I heard his heart beating real fast and I knew I had stole his heart.


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