Inspirational Motivation Story

Dirty Secrets Becomes Scandal

The atmosphere grew still as he entered the room. All eyes were on him, where did he come from ? Or how did he get here was the question on each faces. The village lawyers immediately assembled as this was a cause for their concern. “There is no polished look to his face,” said one of them; “and to think they allowed a beggar at this prestigious banquet,”said the other. Another lady passing by whispered, ” I heard he won the lotto,” and then the village lawyers all snickered sarcastically “So that’s why he thought he was allowed here with the rest of us,” said one of the ladies in the group.

Henrietta, the leader of the gossip gang quickly went over and sat next to the major’s wife to notify her of a strange man with no actually Elite status was present and the other guests were mystify. Eleanor which is the Major’s wife, was much displeased and immediately summoned her husband Hector. Hector was a man of large statue, broad shoulders, a very commanding voice and a pretty stern look. He sent one of his security to go see about this awkward young man that has been causing a disruption at the function.

The security confronted the young man, he actually stated he was here to see his father. They were all confused as he didn’t fit the bill of the aristocrats. Reluctantly they reported to Hector, that the young man came looking for his father. Hector thought; this had to be someone pulling a prank as embarrassment to him and his guest. While walking across discreetly to investigate the young man, he suddenly had a real bad feeling about it; but still he went ahead just to spare his residency from public disgrace. As he approached the young man with an angry look, the young man saw him and shouted “Dad!” And everyone was shocked. Hector looked at him with disgust as his jaw dropped, “you little scoundrel get away ! Plus I’m also not your dad,” He said as he turned away in disdain.

Eleanor came wailing as she could hardly believe, the young man really looked a lot like Hector and even Henrietta and the girls agreed. Everyone bailed out of the room even Governor Rockford left shaking his head in disbelief. The man seem pretty young, which meant Hector went out of his marriage and got a son. This catastrophe was a field day for Henrietta and the gang, who had little to talk about of late. The entire community felt awfully entertained tonight, as for Hector oh what a time for this foolishness, just the wrong date. He was just getting prepped for next week town’s election and frankly by the looks of it then; he was everyone selection. Amidst all of what had occurred it hurt no one more than Eleanor, as it still shows on her face. The thought of Hector infidelity was a disrespect to her being barren and it can’t be erased….To be continued (Leave a comment if you want to see part 2)

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