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Dear future husband

Dear future husband, I have been waiting for you as long as forever. I’ve learned that in order for me to be complete, you and God is all I need. I’ve worked hard over the years to be the best woman I can be to fulfill the promise that you were designed for me. I’ve made some past mistakes along the way, however bear in mind am only human at the end of the day. I have scars and bruises that still travels with me from the past; nonetheless I know once you’re here it’s going to be a task. You see I have loved so much and made sacrifices of all sort, please be patient with me and you’ll  have my heart.


Just in case your broken when you reached here, I promise to always let you know I care. Keep in mind I don’t always show my emotional side, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurting inside. See I’m just a bit rough on the surface but very tender and loving in the core. Truth is I’m going to be miserable somewhat and it’s not a test, in my estimation, am only fighting to bring out in you the very best. Don’t hesitate if I rubs you the wrong way, speak out and I’ll listen to what you have to say.

I can’t promise you that everything will be all sunshine just know there will a time of rain. The challenges are motivation to success,not pain. There will be days when you can’t  stand me and I can’t stand you just the same. Please know that for those days, love is not lost, it’s there in our hearts. Conflicts are little  distractions if not resolved it could tear us apart. Look out for moments when I maybe very quiet and things seems unclear. I ask that you standby me while you’re there. Dear future husband I’m still waiting here, please don’t tarry too long my dear.

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