Inspirational Motivation

Deadly Visions 

Almost fully submerge in water, Cathy could feel her body getting numb and her chest tightening up as the water slowly rises up to her nostrils. She was terrified, trying so hard to move and to get a better balance to float but it all seems hopeless; swimming was never her thing.

She could hear her heart beating and every second is crucial to her being alive. Still fighting relentlessly to find a safe ground to stand, she notice the water rising steadily. Immediately she shut her eyes and start to meditate on her life. She could be see images of her childhood, here present and her rapidly dissolving future.

In that same breath she starts to sink into unconsciousness, the bright glimmer of light keeps coming closer. In a brief moment she could only see darkness. Then in a split second she could feel someone lift her up, it was in that moment she open her eyes and realize she was only dreaming. 

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