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Curious Minds? What Are You Thinking?

Curious minds always want to know the origin. They investigate the patterns in certain situation, while a fool pays no attention to the past or present. The act of wanting to know, may come off as inquisitive but to a wise man this is a learning process. The curious one live for who, what, when, why and how.

People can be so wrapped up in society’s idea of how an ideal person should be behave or look, while some may not pay attention to this. As individuals we all have separate idea and beliefs and no two person have the same perspective, even if their ideas are based on the same concepts.

We as a people need to know when to step up, defend our rights and not to conform to society’s way of life. Its a sign of bravery and strength to stand up when everyone is sitting down and to talk up while everyone is quiet. Knowing who you are and thinking for yourself makes you unique and confident.

It sometimes only take one curious person to see that something is wrong and decides that this is enough and should  do something about it. A revolt starts when one person can convince the mass that there is an higher purpose and people will eventually come together. Next time be a revolutionist and an innovator rather than a weakling and a follower.

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