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Conscious conscience

The heart of many human can be so cold, we are able to do the most irrational and unthinkable cruelty to one another.

The crazy thing about it is that there is no feeling of remorse or anything within us that can can say that was wrong, make amends nor that was the most selfish and thoughtless thing you’ve ever done.  What about that inner man that fights with us daily when we have falter ? is this inner sense dead , alive or no longer exist ?

The human conscience is like a compass that steers you in the direction of right or wrong, however the conscience is not utilize by many. You see having a conscience is like your personal guide, that assist with your actions. These actions may not be of what  was  necessarily taught; but learned through socialization among your peers. Have we become so weak in our minds that we have fallen for immoral expectations ?

In cases where  situations  arise, the conscience is  key.  It will decide how to approach each  individual involved in the dilemma. The conscience in this case is the live raw wire than causes a reaction when come in contact with it directly. In order for the conscience to work one have to be in close proximity with it,  where it will spark a reaction when provoke. Is the conscience a figment of the imagination as to why is it frequently ignore by the wider society ?

As we get older and wiser we will definitely realized why we have a conscience and why it was a good idea to utilize it. You see at that age of maturity and growth, we would have seen the highs and the lows of life and we would have encountered regrettable actions of the past. These actions can either bring us closer to our graves or bring us to self-reproach, the onus is on you to pay severely for your past or to resurrect that inner man to direct your path from here out.

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