Inspirational Motivation Story

Climax At Sunrise

I woke up at the crack of dawn to the fresh earthy smell from the morning dew. This aroma was like no other, it gave the feeling of one connecting with nature. The wind gently rush through the back window and invaded the entire room.

I could feel the wind gently massaging my face while playing gracefully in my hair.
That moment I became so rhapsodized, as I felt the wind slowly serenading me and my body started to moved to the contagious beat of the wind.

In a quick minute the sun began to peep though my windows to further increase this climatic moment that I have encountered. The sunlight was now gazing steadily on my chest while provoking a sensuous feeling at the same time.

Immediately I became fixated on the body’s reaction , it was as if the sun knew I had a brief affair with the wind and wanted to monopolize my attention. Slowly I succumbed to it’s demand and allow the light to take me to an unknown destination.

After being so engulfed in a romantic escapade , I struggled to regain consciousness which I finally did. Quickly I stepped away from the window to escape my seducers touch. In a short breath I noticed that the sun was fully up and my fantasies had ended in a heart beat.
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