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Balance Of Life

The world would be nothing without a balance of good and evil or ups and downs. These four characters are very significant in everyone’s life despite some clinging only to the negative aspects. An individual may be much more fond of the dark-side and dwell there as such, while on the other hand another may gravitate towards a positive and illuminating side. Along life journeys it’s  safe to say an individual will have to come in contact with those characters.

As human life  throws many curves at us; while so maybe able to swerve to the opposite direction in order to avoid collision. Another set may not be so lucky and would have collided with the harsh realities head-on. The crash maybe fatal for some, however others live to see themselves after the ruins but may succumb to injuries after fully assessing the damage sustained. Another set may  also live after life’s ordeal;  long enough to heal, motivate and to even get back on life’s brutal road and successful reach their destination.

Life has a way of fluctuating to a point where it seems like you haven’t accomplished much, or for some nothing at all. Looking at it now many may feel like a complete failure and useless as an individual. Life’s mountain is very sacred, it gives an individual a feeling of accomplishment as they continue to reach their pinnacle and it certainly provides self- assurance. While travelling through life’s dark valley it’s like  all hope is lost, faith dwindle and giving up is so easy. Be not weary of the valley; because the valley is their to restore humility, build positive characters and restore one sense of purpose.

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