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An Unforgettable Legacy

Tossing and turning at nights is not an unusual thing for some people. The feeling of discomfort and sadness are painted on the ceiling and walls.

The floor reflects a face of disapproval and the door is like a grill for the holding cell that he’s in. The noise of the night wind has a frightening angry call. It is as if the entire mansion, money and beds are a curse.

The closed windows are like a constant reminder of how he felt, “left out all the time”. The creaking sound of the staircase is one that speaks so much to your pain, alawys crying out but only in vain. No one pays attention or hear your voice, they would just ignore you and walk by. The grand piano at the corner downstairs look so antique hardly anyone ever notice it’s there.

That great clock was so good at telling the time; but lately it seems like another version of you lost in time. The painting on the wall with the entire family is like a dagger to the heart with the intent to cause death. Just the very sight of the backyard pool would remind him of the person whom he once was, maybe that person had drowned in that pool. The bed looked firm yet broken like his heart.

There was a time when this old mansion was gleaming with light, laughter and children cry. The doors were opened and swinging from side to side while he looked at his children with pride. The grand piano was everything to his family, more so his children delight. The painting on the walls were magnificent and always gave the room a radiant light. The staircase was much sturdier and the children would swooped down the bottom like taking flight.

The floor was so shimmery, the walls were like the family album; as all it’s secrets were kept inside. This old man was a young man  and exuberating with glee. The family was doing well together until his wife died and the children flee. What he would give to have another chance to see his children and grandchildren;  all together under one roof how ecstatic will that be. He can only dream about that moment and picture in his mind, because everyone is now focus on their families. Sometimes he’d pray for just one phone call from the kids, to put him out of his misery so he could die in peace.

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