About Us


My name is Shanee’ Brown, I’m a social worker in training and I was compelled to create this blog to help motivate others. As a social worker i realized how important it is to provide an helping hand. Its perfectly normal to have different types of emotions and have a bad day . My aim is to bring peace of mind, hope and a positive outlook on life in general. Imagine having someone there at the right moment that always knows what to say and just being that listening ear is all most people need.

Our Mission

Moments of the heart was build to provide a positive haven for persons in need of an encouraging word ,sense  of direction and a sense of well-being.


Our Goal

To positively impact the lives of everyone that comes in contact with these blogs. We seek to motivate,empower and inspire persons to maximize their potential. Far too many persons are existing and not living . To really live, one would have to exceed their full potential and being all that they can possibly be.

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