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A Mother’s Love

I have given all my love over the years and never once have I expected anything much from you but love in return.
I  have given you hope, support and security. Never once charged you.
I have placed my life on hold so you can have a brighter future and never once murmured.
I have openly taught you everything i know, despite not knowing much.


I have stayed up all night watching you sleep just to make sure you will be alright.
I have proven my loyalty time and time again and not once have i ever failed you.
I have prayed for you and sacrifice all I have to make sure you can be comfortable.
I have put all my needs aside, just to cater to the most important person in my life which is you.

I have been your biggest fan and cheering you on even when you’re not winning.
I have carried you nine months while enduring the bitter sweet pain of child’s birth.
I have given life to an extraordinary being which is you.
I have and will spend my life time caring about you because I AM YOUR MOTHER.

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