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A Love Story No One Wants (Must Read)

It seems only like forever we were best friends and lovers but in a heart beat we are now sworn enemies. I’m really confused and heartbroken, its like love had abandon us at the time when we needed each other the most.

This minute we are nice and frolicking like young and care free teenagers, then suddenly life has given us a power punch. I swear this was the punch we couldn’t recover from, never dream I’ll see the day that our memories just vanish as a ghost.

I always thought that we could weather any storm but I guess I was wrong. It seems  like we have withstand so much that the slightest breeze was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Now am left with the question of legitimacy.

Whenever you’re around I would sometimes wondered why are we here and all the things you did that made me turn away. I was not all innocent to begin with, as I had so many doubts at the beginning yet slowly let those feelings consumed all the intimacy.

I hope one day we will be good friends again but sadly this is where the relationship ends. I believe with time and experience that we may look at each ​other and smile about the past. Let’s  just hug each other and call it a day , you’re free now to go your separate way.

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