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The misconception of the dark

People often believe that the darkness means evil are wrong, but darkness is a state of mind where one allow them self to be oblivious to certain things. Darkness also shows the evil that exist. The darkness hold so many secrets,lies and deception that only the light will reveal it.

The darkness may also signify the need for redemption and to provoke a conscience in an individual who has use the darkness favourably. Darkness also provides a broken individual with the urges to come into the light. The darkness loves to  be in control of everything, while the light just wants a small glow to make a huge difference.

The darkness also showcase one’s strength and determination. In order for man to triumph he has to endure battles which represents his darkest hours. In the darkest hour one will fight to regain control of his life and future. The darkness tells of one need to be alone in their thoughts and to achieve peace of mind.

Darkness is the opposite of light and the world requires balance, hence both need to be in existence to fulfill its purpose. Darkness hides a part of you that you wish no one sees including you, the light is like judgement for that which is hidden. When thinking of darkness just look at it from this angle, they are both air and water and is essential to life.

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      1. I have set up that post in PDF. WILL publish that PDF later on today. Is really neat the way He brings His words back to mind. Your misconception of the dark quickened what I published a few months ago. πŸ™‚

      2. The permanency of my life in His Presence is so different than just an emotional uplift. Amazing.

        Much amazing things are happening here. How is about emailing or Skyping me? Skype has been a good way for me and my friends. Skype name: basilia3032. It keeps from extra writing in comments & emails. πŸ™‚

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