Empowerment Inspirational Story

The Soothing Touch Of Mother Nature

As I lay here languorously in bed,
I could see the moon light slowly escaping through my windows.
I could feel the cool summer breeze gently caressing my honey gold skin.

As my body slowly aroused to the touch of the wind,
I can feel my hair slowly moving to the motions as I deeply inhaled and exhaled.

I was mesmerized by the whole image playing on my mind. Never have i felt this phenomenal wind

And neither has the moon this been beautiful.
Slowly I arose out of bed, which gave the wind full control of my hair.
It sways to the left side of my face as If it was trying to seduce me,
Calmly I wrapped it up while sitting on the edge of my bed.

I saw one star in particular; it must have felt blessed

 to be so close to such a magnificent ball of light.
How lovely is this feeling tonight, i felt like I’ve been craving luminous serenity.
Am sure I’ll never have another night like this,
So to treasure and embrace this is my greatest wish.
As I got up, yawn sleepily and went back to bed.
I remember feeling like I was just touched by the creator himself.

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